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Welcome to the Academy of Transit Training and Specialized Transportation Services!




Synergize Consulting, LLC was founded in 2018 by Frank J. Ciccarrela. A leader in transportation safety and training since 1979. Frank has over 40 years of experience in all phases of public transportation that includes Paratransit Operations, Fixed Route Operations, Taxi Operations, TNC's, Shuttle Bus, and similar forms of Public Transportation.

Franks expertise includes all types of training and safety programs which includes training of drivers for all modes of operations as well as safety program implemention.



Frank Ciccarella 



It will be our mission to work with emerging new companies and existing companies with training of their ownership and staff on critical business components to ensure success and profitability.





AMOS BEINHART                          Amos Beinhart                                                         

Driver Training and Instructor Development. Safety and Training.  Policy and Procedure Development. Substance Abuse Policy Development.

A senior transportation specialist with over 30+ years of experience, Amos's core focus has been in driver training, accident and injury prevention, policy and procedure development, regulartory compliance, employee development, and safety culture development through foundational training programs.

FRANK CICCARELLA                   Frank Ciccarella

Instructor Training Development. Maintenance. Risk Management.


Nationally recognized safety and training consultant with over 40+ years of experience. Specializing in developing strong safety cultures which seqway's with strong foundational training programs.

Frank provides risk management oversight, compliance review and preparation, expert witness review, safety-based technology use, analytic reviews and training program development and implementation, daily management programs and review. Owner of Synergize Consulting, LLC.

DOUG LAWSON                             Doug Lawson

Risk Management. Claims Management 101 Essentials. Claims Management Oversight, Litigation Management Basic Overview. Claims Management Best Practices.

Nationally recognized claims consultant and professional claim settlement negotiator with over 40+ years of experience. Doug's consulting practice focuses on working with clients to help with solutions to their claim management program or claims management issues.
MICHAEL STAYLEY                      Mike Stayley 

Operator Efficiency Ratio Development. Finance. Maintenance. Operations.

Owner of GMS and Associates, a consulting company that works with transit operations across the US.

With over 33 years of experiences, Michael specializes in providing consulting and interim management services to paratransit systems in the public and private sectors.

Mike can provide leadership with call center programs, contact administration, Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation and review, budget preparation, develop Operator Efficiency Ratio (OER) programs, scheduling and dispatch training, On Time Performance (OTP) review and assessment, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development, implementation, and review.








OSHA Compliance.


With over 38 years of experience in Safety Leadership and management positions, health and environmental, manufacturing operations and engineering, maintenance, and project magement.

Pat has been trainged in Six Sigma Black Belt with experience in implementing Lean Manufacturing. 

Trained and skilled in Leadership, team building, training course development, behavior-based safety, worker compensation claim prevention, and risk management.


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