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Training Program Development

Synergize Consulting, LLC can help your company develop a strong safety and driver training program. We focus on 4 main areas:

1. Evaluation of current training program.

2. Analysis of instructors.

3. Analysis of your training program.

4. Recommendations to move your program forward.

Program, Policy and Procedure Development

Creating the "NORMS" of Operation

Program, Policies, and Procedures called the “NORMS” of operation are the one of the foundational building blocks for any transportation company. Establishing the “NORMS” will help companies to establish what are the correct behaviors and expectations for employees during a given set of tasks. These “NORMS” will help companies establish consistent performance each and every time a task is performed.

"NORMS" are what everyone knows is expected of them. They are the best and safest way to perform each and every taks correctly, consistently, and efficiently, way all of the time.

Synergize Consulting can help your employees to "DO IT RIGHT, THE FIRST TIME, AND EVERYTIME."

Risk Management


Monitoring and controlling the probability and impact of accidents and worker compensation claims is one of the most difficult tasks that a transportation company will face. Let us show you how we can use our I.M.A.C. Tool to help reduce frequency and improve safety training.

                      Compliance Review

Synergize Consulting, LLC can help your company prepare for compliance audits and conduct internal audits of existing programs.  We can review your safety training programs and your driver training file compliance program.


Expert Witness Review


With over 40 years of experience in public transportation, Frank Ciccarella, Owner of Synergize Consulting, LLC, is recognized as one of the nation's experts in driver training, safety training and program implementation.

Technology Review


Synergize Consulting, LLC can review your technology program as it relates to safety training, driver training, and how it is being used to change driver behaviors.

                             Analytic Review

Synergize Consulting, LLC can review your current and past losses to identify driver training trends and make recommendations to implement changes. We work to reverse negative trends, implement safety training, and change employee behaviors.



Operation and Management Reviews


It is important to understand how well your operation is running. What can be done differently? Can management become more efficient?  Do you need customer service training? Can we improve your bottom line through improved safety training and driver training? Synergize Consulting, LLC can help with these topics and more.

Let us show you how we can help your company become more efficient, improve your driver training program quality, and improve your safety training performance.

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